Meet the Trust team

Leadership Team

Mrs Angela Watts - Head of School
Mr Nicky Kingsnorth - Director of Teaching and Learning
Mr Ian Pinnock - Director for Inclusion
Miss Courtney Trainor - Assistant Director of Standards and Inclusion


Miss Lisa Page - Year 3 Teacher
Mrs Samantha Barlow - Year 3 Teacher
Mrs Zoe  Vazson - Year 3 Teacher

Mr Stephen Oswald - Year 4 Teacher
Mr Marvin Barbe - Year 4 Teacher
Miss Danielle Coley - Year 4 Teacher

Mr Michael Knight - Year 5 Teacher
Mr Alex Kemp - Year 5 Teacher

Miss Emma Buckley - Year 6 Teacher
Miss Courtney Trainor - Year 6 Teacher

Support Staff

Mrs Christine Doherty - Teaching Assistant
Mrs Joanna Nkomo - Teaching Assistant
Mrs Fiona York - Teaching Assistant
Mrs Linda Love - Teaching Assistant
Miss Martine Wallinger - Teaching Assistant
Miss Cathy Harmsworth - Teaching Assistant
Mr Callum Anderson - Teaching Assistant
Miss Nikki Pereira - Teaching Assistant
Mrs Kate Parry - Teaching Assistant
Miss Kayleigh Dennis - Teaching Assistant
Mrs Rani Nagi - HLTA
Mrs Sharon Collins - Family Support Worker
Miss Ellen Gorman - Learning Mentor and Cover Supervisor
Mr Jordan Redshaw - Learning Mentor and Cover Supervisor

Office Staff

Mrs Sue Hales - Senior Administrator
Ms Louise Paterson - Administrator 

Site Support Staff

Mr Barry Freeman - Site Supervisor

Breakfast Club

Mrs Christina Robinson - Breakfast Club Assistant
Mrs Linda Mills - Breakfast Club Assistant
Danielle Holland - Breakfast Club Assistant

Lunchtime Supervisors

Miss Lisa Mortimore - Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs Linda Mills - Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs Christina Robinson - Lunchtime Supervisor
Miss Danielle Holland - Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs Amanda Hickman - Lunchtime Supervisor
Miss Machaela Forde - Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs Rebecca Reynolds - Lunchtime Supervisor